Why should you apply to the HWK?

  1. Academic liberalism and pluralism: The HWK is a haven for independent minds. academic liberalism, pluralist viewpoints
  2. Maximum autonomy: It is built to serve the needs of individual researchers. There are only minimal communal requirements. You are free to structure almost all of your time at the HWK around your research project. Plus, fellowship preparation and planning is fully adjusted to make it easy for you to come: As there are no annual cohorts, you may start your fellowship any time, as long as there is space available. Whever you want to start or end your fellowship is a matter of individual negotiation with our team.
  3. Extreme flexibility: Plan your fellowship in accordance with your personal and career needs. HWK staff will negotiate the exact time and duration of your residency in Delmenhorst on an individual basis.
  4. Exceptional built and natural environment: The Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg consists of buildings of exceptional architectural quality, apartments fully furnished to highest-quality standards of living and comfort. Large parts of the colleges premises consist of a lush, green garden. You can actually eat fruit directly from the trees while working on your research project! Plus, the HWK is only a one-hour train ride to the North Sea including the Wadden Sea and the East Frisian islands. The area offers exceptional holiday and recreational activities. Still, the Delmenhorst is only 15 or 30 minutes by train from the urban centers of Bremen and Oldenburg, respectively.
  5. Natural and social sciences, and humanities: HWK is home to a unique combination of exceptional scientists from the natural and social sciences plus the humanities. They all live under one roof and share the same communal spaces. Still, individual apartments and a separate office building allow for all the  space and distance that is needed when it is needed.
  6. Excellent cooperation opportunities: The HWK is very close to a large number of public and private universities, higher education institutions and independent research institutions in Germany's bustling Northwest. The HWK maintains close and constant relationships to the Universities of Bremen and Oldenburg including their highly specialised deparment such as the MARUM. It also is closely connected to major independent institutions such as the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven, which is also just around the corner. Due to the regional characteristics, you will find plenty of opportunities to connect to major global businesses, such as Airbus.
  7. Extensive family support: (support with school and kindergarten)
  8. Safety: (even with your children)