Auditory Efferent Systems: Closing the Loop(s)

04. November 2024 - 06. November 2024


Paul Delano, Universidad de Chile, Chile

Ana Belen Elgoyan, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elisabeth Glowatzki, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Shawn Goodman, University of Iowa, USA

Lisa Goodrich, Harvard University, USA

Skyler Jennings, University of Utah, USA

Tim Jürgens, Technische Hochschule Lübeck, Germany

Amanda Lauer, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Enrique Lopez-Poveda, University of Salamanca, Spain

Sonja Pyott, University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands

Brett Schofield, Northeast Ohio Medical University, USA

Elizabeth Strickland, Purdue University, USA

Lawrence Trussell, Oregon Health Science University, Portland, Oregon USA

Catherine Weisz, NIH-NIDCD, Bethesda, Maryland, USA




The descending pathways, or efferent systems, represent roughly half of the auditory system, yet they remain poorly understood. Indeed, this complex topic has been carefully “avoided” in our field for many years; however, the efferent systems are now receiving increased attention. Exciting work is emerging from a growing group of scientists located around the globe and rooted in a wide range of scientific disciplines. Anatomical and pharmacological studies are revealing new connections, pathways, and neurotransmitters involved in the efferent systems. Psychophysical approaches are using new stimulus paradigms to test hypotheses for the role of efferent systems in perception. New protocols for otoacoustic emissions have been developed to reveal the influence of efferent systems on cochlear gain. Computational modelers are including the efferent feedback pathways in nonlinear models for neural information processing. The goal of this HWK Study Group is to assemble a diverse set of researchers who are interested in reaching out of their sub-discipline to interact with other scientists who are pursuing this fascinating system. Communications across and between subdisciplines will strengthen and facilitate progress on this frontier of auditory neuroscience and technology.



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