Dr. Frederico Camara 

Independent, BRAZIL
Jun 2025 - Jul 2025
Artist in Residence
Mai 2024 - Jul 2024
Artist in Residence

Frederico Camara

Projekte & Publikationen


How important is it to have an aesthetic experience of science? What contemporary scientific research will provide material for an aesthetic experience of science? Those questions will guide this fellowship, which will be an artistic exploration of the aesthetic experience of science in the scientific institutions located in Lower Saxony in Germany, and on the role of drawing and photography in historical and contemporary science.


I will explore the topic in four distinct ways:


1. A walk in the forest is a non-traditional form of research in which the artist and the scientist exchange ideas during a walk in an informal setting, different from the formality of a symposium.


2. A visual ethnography of contemporary science will involve the creation of artworks in photography that explore the aesthetic experience of science in objects, spaces, people, and events at scientific institutions in the metropolitan area of the HWK (Bremen, Bremerhaven, Delmenhorst, Hamburg, Hanover, Oldenburg, Osnabrück, Wilhelmshaven).


3. Drawing on science will involve the creation of drawings that respond to the walks in the forest and the visal ethnography.


4. Library research and writing on the historical and contemporary examples of the scientific image (in photography and drawing), and their role in forming and changing our relationships with science and our natural environment.