Dr. Cassie Ann Short 

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, GERMANY
Jul 2023 - Jun 2026
Associate Junior Fellow

Cassie Ann Short

Projekte & Publikationen

Over the last decades, unsatisfactorily low replication rates have been reported across a
multitude of fields, instigating a surge in critical assessment of scientific practices. One
relatively under-investigated issue that may contribute at the core of low replicability in the
field of EEG neuroscience is the one-size-fits-all approach to parameterising event-related
potentials (ERPs) across increasingly large and often varied samples. In applying the same
time-window and spatial criteria to define arguably individually diverse ERPs, it is highly
plausible that the reliability of reported components may lack reliability for part of the sample
observed. This workshop seeks to bring together experts in the field of EEG neuroscience
and methods to discuss and agree upon key considerations and potential appropriate
techniques for an individualised ERP parameterisation. The first afternoon of this 1.5 day
workshop will give attendees the chance to raise and discuss key concerns that must be
considered when attempting to individualise ERP parameterisations. The second day of the
workshop will be dedicated to the sharing and discussion of ideas on reliably individualising
ERP parameterisation and arriving at agreed-upon conclusions and viable practices. The
workshop will culminate in the publication of a jointly authored paper that shares these key
considerations, suggestions and conclusions with the wider scientific community.