Dr. Unyime Umoh 

Saint Mary's University, CANADA
Apr 2024 - Sep 2024
Junior Fellow

Projekte & Publikationen

Microbial metabolic specificity of shallow cold seep sediments from the Scotian Slope, Nova Scotia

Cold seeps are found in the bottom of the sea where hydrocarbon-rich fluid leaks up from below the seafloor, often as methane or hydrogen sulfide. There are different groups of microorganisms found within the cold seeps. These group of organisms produces their foods using chemical energy instead of sunlight. Until now, the microbial metabolic potential and profundity profiling of cold seeps are not very much obliged. This study expected to extensively explain the roles of microorganisms at cold seeps short length sediments, and identify the similarities and differences with the surrounding sediments located far away from the seep sites, by lipid-based stable isotope examining strategy. The better understanding of cold seeps would help us to know the impact of the chemicals transferred from the cold seeps to the seawater and atmosphere. This is because these chemicals can alter the chemistry of the ocean and climate.
Dr. Florence Schubotz, Universität Bremen