Dr. Sanchari Deb 

Newcastle University, UNITED KINGDOM
Nov 2023 - Mai 2024
Junior Fellow

Sanchari Deb

Projekte & Publikationen


Energy systems across the world are becoming localized, decarbonalized, and digitalized. In local energy system energy is produced and consumed locally without requirement of transmission facilities. Beyond decarbonisation, smart local energy systems are expected to provide a wide range of other benefits such as alleviating fuel poverty, community income generation. They also help to improve network management, reduce operating costs and overcome energy system constraints. The increase in the deployment of local energy systems has been the subject of intensive research and development in recent era. However, still there are some challenges such as proper planning and operation of local energy system, maturity of technology, storage facilities inhibiting upscaling of local energy system. Driven by the aforementioned challenges, this project aims to delve into planning and operation of smart local energy system. Specifically, this research will focus on use of intelligent algorithms and parallel computing for solving the complex planning and operation of local energy system problem.