Dr. Ricarda Schmidt-Scheele 

University of Oldenburg, GERMANY
Jul 2022 - Jun 2025
Associate Junior Fellow

Ricarda Schmidt-Scheele

Projekte & Publikationen

Abstract of the workshop project
Energy sectors worldwide urgently need to be transformed towards more sustainable forms of energy
production and consumption. Organizations play a central role in such transformations. They drive
sustainable innovations and accelerate institutional change while also being exposed to social, political and
economic dynamics of transitions. So far, sustainability transition studies predominantly look at
organizational strategies in the context of higher-level systems changes. Little work has zoomed into what
is going on within organizations during phases of transitions and how transition dynamics at the systems
level impact organizational change processes. In organization studies, there is indeed an interest in studying
organizational initiatives and responses to sustainability. Yet, approaches focus on improving firm-level
performance. Both fields have evolved in parallel even though scholars are interested in similar issues,
albeit from different perspectives. My workshop brings together scholars from both transition and
organization studies in order to explore theories and methods to systematically integrate system-level
perspectives on socio-technical transitions and organizational-level processes of change. This
interdisciplinary exchange is particularly relevant in light of recent developments in the energy sector, such
as the use of digital technologies and the required new knowledge, capabilities and collaborations between