Prof. Dr. Dirk Scheele 

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, GERMANY
Jul 2021 - Jul 2022
Associate Junior Fellow

Dirk Scheele

Projekte & Publikationen

Abstract\r\nWith economic lockdown and social distancing in place in most countries around the world, \r\nCOVID-19 is expected to have a vast impact on physical and mental health, particularly in \r\npeople inflicted by poor resilience to social adversity due to pre-existing low levels of social \r\nintegration. In recent years, perceived social isolation has come into focus of politics and \r\nclinicians as a major public health concern with high economic costs for society and a \r\npremature mortality risk comparable with smoking or obesity. The planned workshop will \r\naddress this issue and will feature talks covering both basic research and clinical interventions. \r\nSpecifically, the workshop will consist of four parts that focus on (i) the prevalence of and risk \r\nfactors for loneliness, (ii) the neural and hormonal mechanisms of loneliness, (iii) clinical \r\nimplications of social isolation and loneliness, and (iv) behavioral and pharmacological \r\ninterventions to reduce loneliness. Each topic will be introduced by 1-2 key note lectures, \r\nwhich will be followed by practical sessions with 4-6 shorter presentations of junior \r\nresearchers. All speakers will be encouraged to indicate publicly available data sets which can \r\nbe used to initiate a research consortium. The proximate goal of the workshop is to publish a \r\nsystematic review that will give an overview of state-of-the-art methods and identify open \r\nquestions for a better understanding and treatment of social isolation and loneliness.