Prof. Dr. Myat Su Yin 

Mahidol University
Dezember 2021 - April 2022 Junior Fellow
Juni 2019 - Oktober 2019 Junior Fellow

Projekte am HWK

  • Juni 2019 - April 2022: Representation and Reasoning about Surgical Procedures for Intelligent Virtual Training Environments
Myat Su Yin

Publikationen (6)

A deep learning-based pipeline for mosquito detection and classification from wingbeat sounds
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Added-value of mosquito vector breeding sites from street view images in the risk mapping of dengue incidence in Thailand
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Effects of COVID-19 government travel restrictions on mobility in a rural border area of Northern Thailand: A mobile phone tracking study.
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Formative Feedback Generation in a VR-based Dental Surgical Skill Training Simulator.
Publikation: Journal of Biomedical Informatics
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Large scale detailed mapping of dengue vector breeding sites using street view images
Publikation: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseased
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The Impact of 3D Stereopsis and Hand-Tool Alignment on Effectiveness of a VR-based Simulator for Dental Training
Publikation: In: 2022 IEEE 10th International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI)
Verlag & Ort:IEEE
Umfang & Seiten:449-455