Dr. Bernhard Fink 

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Mai 2018 - Februar 2019 Fellow

Projekte am HWK

  • Mai 2018 - Februar 2019: The Evolution and Function of Human Dance
Bernhard Fink

Publikationen (5)

Are There Differences in Experts' and Lay Assessors' Attractiveness Judgments of Non-Professional Men's Dance/Gait Movements
Publikation: Perceptual and Motor Skills
Umfang & Seiten:128 (1), 492-506
Digit ratio (2D:4D) and personality and individual differences
Publikation: Zeigler-Hill, V., and Shackleford, T. K., The SAGE Handbook of Personality and Individual Differences
Verlag & Ort:SAGE Publications Ltd., Thousand Oaks, California
Umfang & Seiten:40-50
Evolution and functions of human dance
Publikation: Evolution & Human Behaviour
Umfang & Seiten:42 (4), 351-360
Reply to Durkee: 'Do the Maasai perceive weak walkers to be stronger and more attractive than strong walkers? A re-analysis of Fink et al. (2019)'
Publikation: Biology Letters
Umfang & Seiten:15 (7),
Sexual dimorphism in the ontogeny of second (2D) and fourth
(4D) digit lengths, and digit ratio (2D:4D)
Publikation: American Journal of Human Biology
Umfang & Seiten:30, 4,