Prof. Dr. Lucy Pao 

University of Colorado, Boulder
Mai 2025 - August 2025 Fellow
Juni 2023 - Januar 2024 Fellow
Juni 2019 - August 2019 Fellow
Oktober 2016 - Juli 2017 Fellow

Projekte am HWK

  • Juni 2023 - März 2024: Control Co-Design of Extreme-Scale and Floating
    Wind Turbines and Wind Farms
  • Oktober 2016 - August 2019: Control of Wind Turbines and Wind Farms
Lucy Pao

Publikationen (10)

Active Power Control of Wind Power Plants for Grid Integration
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System-Level Design Studies for Large Rotors
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Model Predictive Active Power Control for
Optimal Structural Load Equalization in Waked Wind Farms
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Improving the Image Acquisition Rate
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Grand Challenges in the Science of Wind Energy
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Downwind coning concept rotor for a 25 MW offshore wind turbine
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Control co-design of 13 MW downwind two-bladed rotors to achieve 25% reduction in levelized cost of wind energy
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Automatic controller tuning using a zeroth-order optimization algorithm
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An Application of the Fast Gradient Method to Model Predictive Control of an Atomic Force Microscope X-Y Stage
Publikation: Proc. IEEE Conf. Control Technology and Applications
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Uncertainties Identification of Blade-
Mounted Lidar-Based Inflow Wind Speed Measurements for Robust Feedback-Feedforward
Control Synthesis
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