Prof. Dr. Pang-Chieh Jay Sui 

University of Victoria, CANADA
Aug 2015 - Dez 2015
Dez 2014 - Jun 2015

Pang-Chieh Jay Sui

Projekte & Publikationen

Dr. Wiebke Germer, NEXT ENERGY
Peng, S., Xu, X., Lu, S., Sui, P-C., Djilali, N., and Xiang, Y. (2015). A Self-humidifying acid-alkaline bipolar membrane fuel cell. Journal of Power Sources, 299, 273-279.
Wang, D., Zhou, Y., Jia, H., Wang, C., Lu, N., Sui, P-C., and Fan, F. (2016). An energy-constrained state priority model using deferrable electrolyzers as a load management mechanism. Applied Energy, 167, 201-210.
Ye, D.D., Zhang, B., Zhu, X., Sui, P.-C.,Djilali, N., and Liao, Q. (2015). Computational modeling of alkaline air-breathing microfluidic fuel cells with an array of cylinder anodes. Journal of Power Sources, 288, 150-159.
Li, Q., Gong, J., Peng, S., Lu, S., Sui, P.-C., Djilali, N., and Xiang, Y. (2016). Theoretical Design Strategies of Bipolar Membrane Fuel Cell with Enhanced Self-humidification Behavior. Journal of Power Sources, 307, 358-367.