Prof. Dr. Karen A. Shire 

Universität Duisburg-Essen
Oktober 2007 - Februar 2008 Fellow
September 2006 - September 2006 Fellow
April 2006 - Juli 2006 Fellow

Projekte am HWK

  • April 2006 - Februar 2008: Working Group "Gender and Comparative Institutional Studies in Embedded Capitalism - the Cases of Japan and Germany"
Karen A. Shire

Publikationen (2)

Gender and the Conceptualization of the Knowledge Economy in Comparison
Publikation: S. Walby, Gottfried, H., K. Gottschall, and M. Osawa (ed.), Gendering the New Economy: Comparative Perspective
Umfang & Seiten:80-125
Gender Dimensions of the Aging Workforce
Publikation: F. Coulmas (ed.), The Demographic Challenge: A Handbook about Japan
Umfang & Seiten:963-978