Prof. Dr. Hilary Silver 

The George Washington University, USA
Jan 2022 - Okt 2022
Mär 1998 - Dez 1998

Hilary Silver

Projekte & Publikationen

Silver, H. (2022). Berlin’s do-over elections — and ours. The Hill (November21).
Silver, H. (2022). Hilary Silver on left-wing xenophobia. In: Laruelle, M. (ed.), Conversations on Illiberalism: Interviews with 50 Scholars, Washington D.C.: Institute for European Russian and Eurasian Studies, 185-189.
Silver, H. (2023). Homelessness and the Coronavirus. In: Cefalo, R., Rose, M. and Jolly, A. (eds.), Social Policy Review 35: Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, Bristol, UK: Bristol University Press and Policy Press.
Silver, H. (). Homelessness, Politics, and Policy: Predicting Spatial Variation in COVID-19 Cases and Deaths. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(4), 3265;.
Silver, H. (). Home-Working’s Covid Comeback. Contexts (November 2).
Silver, H. (2022). How to Resist the Merger of Anti-Vaxxers and Anti-Semites. American Institute of Contemporary German Studies (3 February).
Silver, H. (2022). Review of “Grasping for the American Dream: Racial Segregation, Social Mobility, and Homeownership” by Nora E.. Taplin-Kaguru for Social Forces.
Silver, H., Güntner, S., Holm, A., Madden, D. and Mayer, M. (2023). Soziale Bewegungen, die Wohnungsfrage und kritische Theorie – ein Gespräch in Erinnerung an Peter Marcuse. Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen 36, 1, 112-128.
Silver, H. (2023). Working from Home: Before and After the Pandemic. Contexts 22, 1, 66-70.
Prof. em. Dr. Walter Siebel, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg