art in progress

Encounters of Science and Art 

The Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) considers arts and science as complementary approaches to knowledge acquisition. Both approaches can benefit from a deeper mutual understanding. With the program “art in progress”, the HWK strives to foster dialogue between the arts and sciences. To this aim, artists who engage with science and research in the context of their work, be it in an artistic-practical or a methodological-analytical way, are supported. Through the program “art in progress”, the HWK aspires to encourage science practitioners to reassess their scientific activities from the perspective of the arts on the one hand, and to provide inspiration to artists by exposing them to the methodological and thematic diversity of scientific research on the other hand. A project may either be artistic research, or it may be an artistic exploration of a scientific topic. 

In an annual call, the HWK invites visual artists and musical composers to apply for “art in progress” fellowships, targeting artists with the ability to engage in dialogue with scientists. Successful applicants are invited to live and work on the HWK campus, participate in the institute’s activities, and interact with the resident scientists.

Applications in the Area ART IN PROGRESS

Review the eligibility criteria in the area "art in progress" in the current call for applications. Familiarize yourself with work and life at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg. If you wish to apply, please use the application form here.


Wolfgang Stenzel
Head of Program SOCIETY