Prof. Dr. Illana Gozes 

Tel Aviv University, ISRAEL
Jul 2015 - Jul 2015
Jul 2014 - Sep 2014
Jul 2013 - Oct 2013

Illana Gozes

Projects & Publications

Cooperation partner
Prof. Dr. Christiane Richter-Landsberg, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Malishkevich, A., Amram, N., Hacohen-Kleiman, G., Magen, I., Giladi, E., Gozes, I. (2015). Activity-dependent neuroprotective protein (ADNP) exhibits striking sexual dichotomy impacting on autistic and Alzheimer's pathologies. Translational Psychiatry, 5, e501.
Gozes, I., Yeheskel, A., Psmanik-Chor, M. (2015). Activity-dependent neuroprotective protein (ADNP): a case study for highly conserved chordata-specific genes shaping the brain and mutated in cancer. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 45 (11), 57-73.
Malishkevich, A., Leyk, A., Goldbaum, O., Richter-Landsberg, C., Gozes, I. (2015). ADNP/ADNP2 expression in oligodendrocytes: implication for myelin-related neurodevelopment. Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, 57, 304-313.
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