Assoc. Prof. Dr. Debesh Ranjan Roy 

S. V. National Institute of Technology, INDIA
Nov 2019 - Sep 2020

Debesh Ranjan Roy

Projects & Publications

Cooperation partner
Prof. Dr. Thomas Frauenheim, Universität Bremen
Rajput, K., and Roy, D. R. (2020). 2D PC3 as a promising thermoelectric material. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 22, 8625-8632.
Shah, E., Kleinekathöfer, U., Frauenheim, Th., and Roy, D.R. (2022). Transverse electronic transport through nucleobase-pairs of a DNA wire. Materials Chemistry Today, 244, 100834.
Banob, A., Rajput, K., and Roy, D.R. (2021). The interaction of two-dimensional P2SiS nanosheet withenvironmental toxic NCG molecules for sensor application: A DFTstudy. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 322.
Kumar, P., Rajput, K., and Roy, D.R. (2021). Structural, electronic, vibrational, mechanical and thermoelectric properties of 2D and bulk BaX (X=O, S, Se and Te) series under DFT and BTE framework. Physica E, 127, 114523.
Kumar, V., Roy, D.R. (2020). Strain-induced band modulation and excellent stability, transport and optical properties of Penta-MP2 (M = Ni, Pd, and Pt) monolayers. Nanoscale Advances, 10, 4566-4580.
Kumar, V., Rajput, K., Roy, D.R. (2020). MonolayerBi2C3: A promising sensor for environmentally toxic NCGs with high sensitivity and selectivity. Applied Surface Science.
Raiput, K., He, J., Frauenheim, Th., and Roy, D.R. (2022). Monolayer PC3: A promising material for environmentally toxic nitrogen-containing multi gases. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 422, 126761.
Rajput, K., Kumar, V., and Roy, D.R. (2020). Heterobilayer CaS/CaSe: A promising sensor for environmental toxic NO2 gas with high selectivity and sensitivity. Applied Surface Science, 528.
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Kumar, V., Rajput, K., and Roy, D.R. (2021). Electric field-induced band modulation of predicted ternary 2D MXC3 [M:X ¼ As:Ge, Sb:Sn and Bi:Pb] with strong stability and optical properties. Carbon, 172.
Kumar, V., Azhikodan, D., and Roy, D.R. (2021). 2D Sb2C3 monolayer: A promising material for the recyclable gas sensor for environmentally toxic nitrogen-containing gases (NCGs). Journal of Hazardous Materials, 405, 124168.
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