Prof. Dr. John A. T. Bye 

The University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Jan 2013 - Jun 2013
Jul 2004 - Aug 2004
Jul 2003 - Aug 2003

John A. T. Bye

Projects & Publications

Cooperation partner
Prof. Dr. Bernd Blasius, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Dr. Detlev Heinemann, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Dr. Sergey Danilov, Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung (AWI), Bremerhaven
Bye, J.A.T., Wolff, JO. & Lettmann, K.A. (2017). A note on ocean surface drift with application to surface velocities measured with HF Radar. Journal of Oceanography, 73, 491–502.
Bye, J.A.T., Wolff, JO. & Lettmann, K.A. (2014). On the variability of the Charnock constant and the functional dependence of the drag coefficient on wind speed: Part II-Observations. Ocean Dynamics, 64, 969-974.
Ghantous, M.P. and J. A. T. Bye (2013). Interfacial instability of coupled-rotating inviscid fluids. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 730, 343-363.
Bye, J. T., K. Fraedrich, S. Schubert, and X. Zhu (2013) (2013). Future climate in the Far North. Brockmeyer Verlag Bochum.
Bye, J. A. T., K. Fraedrich, S. Schubert, and X. Zhu (2013). The Changing Length of the Warming Period of the Annual Temperature Cycle in the High Latitudes Under Global Warming. Atmosphere-Ocean, 51 (3), 309-318.
Cooperation partner
Bye, J.A.T., Wolff, J.-O. (2004). Prediction of the drag law for air-sea momentum exchange. Ocean Dynamics, 54(6), 577-580.
Bye, John A.T. (2004). Growing Interfacially Coupled Oscillations of the Ocean-atmosphere. Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, 38 (1), 39 -56.
Lange, M., Tambke, J., Focken, U., Wolff, J.-O., Bye, J.A.T. (2004). Forecasting offshore wind power. in: Proceedings: The science of making torque from wind (special topic conference, 19-21 April 2004): G.A.M. van Kuik (ed.), Delft University of Technology, 384-394.
Bye, J. A. T., and A. D. Jenkins (2006). Drag coefficient reduction at very high wind speeds. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 111, C03024.
Bye, John A.T. and Wolff, J.-O. (2008). Charnock Dynamics: A Model for the Velocity Structure in the Wave Boundary Layer of the Air-Sea Interface. Ocean Dynamics, 58 (1), 31-42.