Prof. Dr. Vladimir Bregadze 

Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIA
Jul 2005 - Jul 2005

Vladimir Bregadze

Projects & Publications

Cooperation partner
Bregadze, V., Sivaev, I.B. and Glazun, S.A. (2006). Polyhedral Boron Compounds as Potential Diagnostic and Therapeutic Antitumor Agents, Anti-Cancer agents. Medicinal Chemistry, 6, 2, 75-109.
Semioshkin, A., Tsaryova, O. Zhidkova, O., Bregadze, V. and Wöhrle, D. (2006). Reactions of Oxonium Derivatives of [B12H12]2- with phenoles, and Synthesis and Photochemical Properties of a Phthalocyanine Containing four [B12H12]2-groups. Journal Porphyrins Phthalocyanines, 10, 11, 1293-1300.
Tsaryova, O., Semioshkin, A., Wöhrle, D. and Bregadze, V. (2005). Synthesis of New Carborane-Based Phthalocyanines and Study of their Activities in the Photooxidation of Citronellol. Journal Porphyrins Phthalocyanines, 9, 4, 268-274.