Prof. Dr. Achim Stephan 

Universität Osnabrück
Mar 2005 - Mar 2005
Feb 1998 - Nov 1998

Achim Stephan

Projects & Publications

Stephan, A. (1999). Animal Beliefs, Concepts, and Communication. Erkenntnis, 51, 505-510.
Stephan, A. (1999). Are Animals Capable of Concepts?. Erkenntnis, 51, 1, 583-596.
Boogerd, F.C., Bruggeman, F. J., Richardson, R. C., Stephan, A., and H. V. Westerhoff (2005). Emergence and its Place in Nature: A Case Study of Biochemical Net-works. Synthese, 145 (1), 131-164.
Stephan, A. (1999). Emergenz. Von der Unvorhersagbarkeit zur Selbstorganisation. (Theorie & Analyse / Theory & Analysis, Band 2). Dresden und München: Dresden University Press.
Richardson, R. C. and Stephan, A. (2007). Mechanism and Mechanical Explanation in Systems Biology. F. C. Boogerd, F.J. Bruggeman, J. H. S. Hofmeyr, and H.V. Westerhoff (eds.), Systems Biology: Philosophical Foundations, 123-144.
Stephan, A. and Richardson, R.C. (2007). What Physicalism Should Provide Us With. C. Penco, M. Beaney, and M. Vignolo (eds.), Explaining the Mental: Naturalist and Non-Naturalist Approaches to Mental Acts and Processes, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 207-221.