JProf. Dr. Marcel Schlechtweg 

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, GERMANY
Jul 2024 - Jun 2027
Associate Junior Fellow

Marcel Schlechtweg

Projekte & Publikationen


The workshop aims at presenting current and initiating new research on fine phonetic detail in a second language (L2). More precisely, the objective is to obtain a better understanding of (a) the nature of fine phonetic detail, (b) its role and function, and (c) potential interfaces it shares with other linguistic areas in a spoken L2. “Fine phonetic detail” refers to articulatory, acoustic, and auditory aspects. We have seen a growing body of research investigating the diversity of fine phonetic detail in the L2 in recent years. This research targets, among other things, distinct acoustic profiles to encode information in the first language (L1) and L2, L2- specific production strategies of sounds that differ from L1 strategies, the representation and modification of fine phonetic detail in the L2 mental lexicon, and the role of L1 variation in the acquisition of phonetic nuances in the L2. The workshop will bring experts with various research foci together to present and discuss these and other recent developments in the field. Moreover, the workshop aims at inspiring researchers to work on possible interfaces of fine phonetic detail with other linguistic domains in the L2, such as the phonetics-morphology interface. While the last two decades have seen an immense increase in studies focusing on these interfaces in the L1, there is barely any research involving L2 speakers.