Dr. Justin Moskolai Ngossaha 

Université de Douala
Mär 2023 - Mai 2023
Junior Fellow

Justin Moskolai Ngossaha

Projekte & Publikationen

Current trends in urban mobility go beyond infrastructure investments and incorporate new technologies and services reflecting new user requirements and regulations, as well as increasingly rigorous and sustainable governance. In this context, urban data management and analysis is an important lever for the progressive improvement of people's lives, the environment and mobility systems. However, developing countries are marked by rapid and uncontrolled urbanization of cities, which results in traffic jams, high accident rates, air pollution, etc. In this situation, how could urban managers use urban data to improve urban mobility? The issue addressed in this project is a current and innovative subject with a very strong societal impact. It aims to contribute to the improvement of the design and implementation of sustainable urban mobility systems through decision support tools. This is a multidisciplinary field, very broad and with interesting perspectives. In this project, we are particularly interested in eliciting knowledge and assessing the sustainability of an urban mobility system through simulation to guide urban managers in decision making toward implementation Smart city.
Prof. Dr. Anna Förster, Universität Bremen