Prof. Dr. Susanne Neuer 

Arizona State University, Tempe
Mai 2013 - Juli 2013 Fellow
März 2011 - Juni 2011 Fellow
Mai 2002 - August 2002 Fellow
Mai 2001 - August 2001 Fellow
September 2000 - Oktober 2000 Fellow
Mai 2000 - August 2000 Fellow

Projekte am HWK

  • März 2011 - Juli 2013: 2011/2013: Organisms and Particle Flux in the Ocean
  • Mai 2000 - Mai 2002: Carbon Flux in Eastern Boundary current Region of Subtropical North Atlantic, projects ESTOC (European Station for Time-series in the Ocean, Canary Islands) and CANIGO (Canary Islands Azores Gibraltar Observations)
Susanne Neuer

Publikationen (7)

Bridging marine ecosystem and biogeochemistry research: Lessons and recommendations from comparative studies
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ournal of Marine Systems
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DNA-based molecular fingerprinting of eukaryotic protists and cyanobacteria contributing to sinking particle flux at the Bermuda Atlantic time-series study
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Interannual variability of chlorophyll and the influence of low-frequency climate modes in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre
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Regional differences in modelled net production and shallow remineralization in the North Atlantic subtropical Gyre
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The importance of organism density and co-occurring organisms in biases associated with molecular studies of marine protist diversity
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The Ocean's Biological Carbon pump as part of the global Carbon Cycle
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The Ocean's Biological Carbon Pump as Part of the Global Carbon Cycle
Publikation: Bulletin Limnology and Oceanography
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