Name Fellowship Bereiche Projekt Heimatinstitution bei Anreise
Marshall Bowles Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Marshall  Bowles  10/21 - 11/21
10/19 - 02/20
  • Earth
  • A Highly Resolved Spatial Analysis of the Biogeochemistry of a Common Salt Marsh Grass Rhizosphere
Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium - LUMCON
Sara Brandellero Asst. Prof.  Dr.  Sara  Brandellero  02/21 - 07/21
  • Society
  • Night Narratives of Migration in The Netherlands
Leiden University
Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society
Georg Brankatschk Dr.  Georg  Brankatschk  07/97 - 01/98
  • Brain
  • Phasenabhängige Aktivierung von Afferenzen limbischer Stukturen während des Theta-Rhythmus an freibeweglichen Ratten
The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
Brain Science Institute (BSI)
Brainway Group
Simon Brassell Prof.  Dr.  Simon  Brassell  01/05 - 08/05
07/04 - 08/04
  • Earth
  • Molecular and Isotopic Assessment of Cyanobacterial Contributions to Oceanic Primary Production from Cretaceous to Present
Indiana University, Bloomington
Department of Geological Sciences
Guy Brasseur Prof.  Dr.  Guy  Brasseur  03/18 - 03/18
  • Earth
  • Earth
  • Desired Trajectories for the Earth System in the 21st Century
  • Desired Trajectories for the Earth System in the 21st Century
Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg
Anna Katharina Braun PD  Dr.  Anna Katharina  Braun  03/99 - 06/99
  • Brain
  • Synaptische Aktivität bei frühkindlichen emotional gesteuerten Lernvorgängen
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Leibniz-Institut für Neurobiologie
Vladimir Bregadze Prof.  Dr.  Vladimir  Bregadze  07/05 - 07/05
  • Material Sciences
  • Development of the chemistry of phthalocyanine derivatives of polyhedral born compounds for neutron capture therapy and for cancer and photodynamic cancer therapy
Russian Academy of Sciences
Nesmeyanov-Institute of Organoelement Compounds
Heinz-Peter Breuer Apl. Prof.  Dr.  Heinz-Peter  Breuer  07/08 - 09/08
  • Material Sciences
  • Theory of open and driven quantum systems, and its application to reactions at surfaces and transports on nanostructures
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Physikalisches Institut
Wallace S. Broecker (verstorben) Prof.  Dr.  Wallace S.  Broecker (verstorben)  09/06 - 09/06
  • Earth
  • 3. OLB-Foundation Fellowship at the HWK, Das Klima der Erde - zähmbar oder unberechenbar? (Taming the Angry Climate Beast)
Columbia University
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Newberry Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Adelbert W. Bronkhorst Prof.  Dr.  Adelbert W.  Bronkhorst  03/00 - 10/00
  • Brain
  • Perception of auditory events in three dimensional space
TNO Human Factors Research Institute
Stefanie Brück Stefanie  Brück  01/13 - 03/13
  • Energy
  • Silver Nanowire Mesh Electrodes as Indium Tin Oxide Replacement in Organic Solar Cells
Universität Bonn
Kekulé-Institut für Organische Chemie und Biochemie
Josef Brüderl Prof.  Dr.  Josef  Brüderl  10/06 - 01/07
  • Society
  • Organisation der innerpartnerschaftlichen Haushaltsproduktion, Koordination des Mini-Panels und Auswertung der Daten (im Rahmen des DFG-Schwerpunktprogramms 1161)
Universität Mannheim
Lehrstuhl für Statistik und sozialwissenschaftliche Methodenlehre
Frans Johannes Bruggeman Dr.  Frans Johannes  Bruggeman  03/05 - 03/05
  • Brain
  • Group fellowship project: Emergence and its place in nature
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Department of Molecular Cell Physiology
Martin Brüne Prof.  Dr.  Martin  Brüne  05/08 - 05/08
10/17 - 10/17
  • Brain
  • Brain
  • Buchprojekt "Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Medicine"
  • Buchprojekt "Evolutionary Psychopathology"
LWL-Klinik Bochum
Klinik der Ruhr Universität Bochum
Karin Roisin Bryan Dr.  Karin Roisin  Bryan  09/10 - 12/10
  • Earth
  • Multiscale Model of 2-Dimensional Beach Response to Climatic Forcing
The University of Waikato
Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
School of Science & Engineering
Anna Maria Buchheim Univ.-Prof.  Dr.  Anna Maria  Buchheim  01/06 - 03/06
  • Brain
  • Neural, linguistic and affective correlates of attachment disorganization in patients with borderline personality disorders. Anxiety disorders and post traumatic stress disorders
Universitätsklinikum Ulm
Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie
Juan Osvaldo Budet-Meléndez Juan Osvaldo  Budet-Meléndez  10/11 - 01/12
05/12 - 07/12
  • art in progress
  • Society
  • Projekt: Drawn into the Light
  • The Art of Filming a Neutral-Less Reality
Claus Bundesen Prof.  Dr.  Claus  Bundesen  01/99 - 03/99
  • Brain
  • Executive control of input selection
University of Copenhagen
Department of Psychology
Christopher Martin Burke Dr.  Christopher Martin  Burke  07/03 - 12/03
  • Earth
  • Changes in the microbiology of estuarine sediments affected by organic carbon
University of Tasmania
Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute, School of Aquaculture
Sergiu Buscaneanu Dr.  Sergiu  Buscaneanu  12/15 - 06/16
  • Society
  • Strategic U-Turns Between the EU and Russia: Explanatory Prospects of Prospect Theory
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences