For all information on visa, please refer to the pages of the Federal Foreign Office:
Click here for link to Federal Foreign Office internet pages!
These pages are available in German and English with additional links to German Consulate pages in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian.

The Foreign Office is the only authority for valid information on visa requirements and procedures. The information provided here may be incomplete or not sufficiently updated; therefore we recommend checking the official internet pages of the Foreign Office in any case!

Generally speaking:

  • no visa is required for EU nationals;
  • US-citizens and citizens of some other countries within the visa waiver program can enter Germany without a visa for a period of 90 days;
  • most other non-German nationals will need a visa:

Click here for a list of countries and visa requirements!



Applying for a visa/ extending your stay in Germany

I you initially received a visa only for a three-month period from the German Embassy or Consulate-General or if you entered Germany on the visa waiver program (granting you a stay without a visa for 90 days) but if your Fellowship period is going to be longer than three months, your visa and residence permit will be extended at Delmenhorst during your Fellowship (see below). HWK staff (the administrative assistant of your research field) is going to assist you with the visa forms and registration with the Delmenhorst town authorities.

Some hints and tips:

  • Please apply as early as possible at the German Embassy or Consulate-General closest to your home.
  • Usually, the processing time should not be longer than two weeks, but there might be longer waiting times during travel/ holiday season or for specific visa types.
  • Application forms can be downloaded from the Foreign Office internet pages.
  • The current fee for processing a visa application is 60 EUR.
  • The applicant has to submit the application form and all materials in person. Please consult the website of the local embassy or consulate for details about the application procedure well in advance! Some missions also support electronic visa processing (see website for details).
  • If you already received your nomination letter and the Fellowship Agreement, do take these original documents with you for the visa application.
  • Upon request, the Head of Program of the HWK science area responsible for your
    Fellowship will write an invitation letter explaining the purpose of your visit in Germany, stating the duration and exact period of your stay, and confirm in this letter that you will get the benefits of being a Fellow at the HWK (e.g. free accommodation). This letter usually makes the visa application process go smoothly and quickly.
  • Your passport should be valid for the entire period of your stay plus at least three months following your departure date from Germany (or another Schengen-country). Also, please make sure that there are blank pages in your passport for the visa. Your passport should have been issued within the past ten years before applying for a visa.


Residence permit and visa extension when you are in Germany

Please get in touch with the administrative assistant of your research area immediately after arrival. They have the current information on residence and visa regulations, and they will help you filling the forms and - if applicable - make an appointment at the city offices, and accompany you for this appointment. Please do NOT go there on your own! If your stay is longer than the period indicated on the visa/ visa waiver, the administrative assistants will also take care of the extension of your visa/ residence permit to cover the entire period of your Fellowship.


Updated 2021-03-30