Shipping goods from home


Especially if you are planning to stay for a long period, spanning several seasons, or if you want to travel with your family, you might not be able to accommodate everything you need in a few suitcases. The HWK therefore offers some support with shipping goods from your home to the institute.

Fellows from abroad who are eligible for travel reimbursement will receive a lump sum for shipping goods along with the lump sum for travel. Family members who accompany the Fellow for the entire duration of the Fellowship will receive 50% of that amount. Please read your Fellowship Agreement for details.

Please note that your apartment at the HWK is fully furnished and equipped so that the shipment of items that the HWK places at the disposal of the Fellow (furniture, towels, bed linen, bed sheets and blankets, TV set, crockery, etc. - see "About your apartment") is not necessary.

For shipping goods to the HWK, you can select any carrier (e.g., a company recommended by friends who made positive experiences with that company, or check comments from former residents in Germany). Please make sure that the boxes do not arrive before your Fellowship period starts because there is no storage space at the institute.

The Fellow is directly responsible for complying with all customs and other regulations with respect to shipping goods. Please collect the relevant information from the shipping company or customs authorities before you send the boxes. The HWK does not cover or reimburse customs duties.


When filling the order and customs forms for the shipment, make sure that you declare the following as this will make customs procedures go more smoothly once the shipment will have reached Germany, and also you will not have to pay taxes:

  • state that the content of your shipping consists of personal effects
  • state that the shipped goods have no commercial value
  • enclose a declaration (e.g. on the order form) that you will need the shipped goods during your stay in Germany for your scientific project
  • indicate that the items are replaceable
  • send the boxes to yourself, i.e. include your name, and use the street address of the HWK:
    Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (Institute for Advanced Study)
    Lehmkuhlenbusch 4
    27753 Delmenhorst

Please do NOT use the post box address of the HWK that is also indicated on letter heads/ internet pages!

For shipping goods home from the HWK at the end of your Fellowship, please read the section on shipping goods back home from the HWK in the Departure section of the handbook.

Occasionally, German customs put the shipping on hold if things are not clear to them. In that case, we contact them and send an official letter confirming your statements and informing them that you are a guest scientist here and that the goods are personal effects and will be needed for your Fellowship. Please make sure not to send any illegal goods, e.g. any pharmaceuticals that are also available in Germany. The Head of Program of the research area who is responsible for your Fellowship will gladly help with these issues.



Updated 2021-03-31