Fellowship Agreement


In the months between your acceptance as a Fellow and the start your Fellowship, the Head of Program responsible for your Fellowship will contact you to negotiate the terms and conditions of your Fellowship, e.g. the exact period and duration of the Fellowship, the HWK apartment, the Fellowship stipend (if applicable), and your duties as a Fellow. The Fellowship Agreement is the legal basis of your Fellowship, i.e. the contract between yourself and the HWK, represented by its Rector.

The Fellowship Agreement states the title of your project as well as the Fellowship period. It regulates your duties (e.g. to participate in the Fellow Lecture on Wednesday night, to submit a Fellowship report when your Fellowship ends) and the benefits. If you are entitled to receive a stipend, the amount and the conditions of the payment will also be specified in the Fellowship Agreement. The document also informs you about the HWK infrastructure and data protection issues.

You will receive a digital copy of the Fellowship Agreement, signed by the Rector, by email. Please read through the Fellowship Agreement carefully and contact your Head of Program if you have any questions or problems. Please sign the document digitally and send it back to the HWK by email. Please keep a copy with you when entering Germany in case you need to show it to immigration authorities. Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign the paper version of the Fellowship Agreement and receive a hardcopy of the document for your files. 


Updated 2021-03-30