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Please let the Head of Program responsible for your Fellowship know if you are planning to stay at the HWK with your child or children, and also provide the birth dates of all family members so that the HWK staff can prepare your family apartment accordingly. Click here to find out about additional equipment for babies and young children provided for your apartment.

Child care

If your children are very young (less than three years old by the time you start your Fellowship) but both you as a Fellow and your partner would like to work during the days and would like the HWK to help finding day care for your children, please contact your Head of Program as soon as possible. Please note that day care or babysitting services can only be arranged at the Fellow's expense.


Children from age 3 are eligible to go to the kindergarten (in the USA, this stage is sometimes called preschool). There are several good kindergartens in walking distance of the institute, e.g. the kindergarten of the town Delmenhorst, right behind the Josef-Hospital Delmenhorst (the hospital adjacent to the HWK), or a protestant kindergarten close to the collaborating primary school at Beethovenstrasse. Please let the Head of Program responsible for your Fellowship know if you would like the HWK to enroll your children in the kindergarten. HWK staff will need the relevant information at least six months before your arrival to secure a place for your children. Please note that the cost for kindergarten services are at the Fellow's expense.

Please use the links below for more information (in German) on local kindergartens:

Flyer of kindergarten of the town of Delmenhorst behind Josef-Hospital Delmenhorst

Homepage of "Die Arche" - protestant kindergarten



All children from age six must attend school in Germany. German law does not allow private teaching, e.g. by the parents, but children must attend an institution certified by German authorities. Visiting state/ public schools is free of charge, but for private schools (like the International School Bremen, see below) you would have to pay monthly tuition fees.

The primary school (Grundschule) Beethovenstrasse has been collaborating with the HWK for a long time. Many children of Fellows attended that school. Their staff is specifically attentive to children with little or no knowledge of German and offer supportive lessons in English if necessary. The school is in walking distance of the institute.
Next door to the Grundschule Beethovenstrasse is another primary school, run by the catholic church, the Marienschule. Former Fellows also report positive experiences with their children visiting Marienschule.

The secondary grammar school/ high school (Gymnasium) Max-Planck-Gymnasium Delmenhorst  is located beyond the town center of Delmenhorst and can be reached by bike or by bus. The "MPG" is also a close collaborator of the HWK.
If your children do not speak any German and would feel more comfortable with an English-speaking environment, you could also try the private International School of Bremen which is located close to Bremen University. They cover the entire range from early learning and elementary school up to baccalaureate grades 11 and 12.
Please get in touch with the Head of Program of your science area if your children are (or will be) at school age during your Fellowship! Enrolment should be planned at least half a year before your arrival in Germany.



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