About your apartment


As a HWK Fellow, you will reside in one of the 21 apartments on campus. Accommodation is free of charge. Please note that the HWK is a smoke-free environment, and smoking is not allowed in the apartments and in any other part of the building.

Please make sure to air your apartment at least twice a day by opening the windows wide for 10 minutes, even if it is cold or raining outside. This is to avoid the development of mould which can cause serious health problems such as allergies and asthma.

Upon moving in, your apartment will be given to you in a clean and orderly fashion. Please make sure to return your apartment in the same condition and treat HWK property as if it was your own, considering that there will be other Fellows using that apartment after you! If there are any damages beyond wear and tear or if there is excessive littering/ grime found when you move out or if you smoked in the apartment, you will be charged with the cost for additional cleaning and/ or renovations necessary to return the apartment to the original condition before you moved in. Please also note that you must report all damages immediately!

For more visual impressions of the HWK Campus, of your space for living and working, as well as of the surroundings of the institute check out the section "Place" on the HWK's internet pages.

All apartments on the ground floor and on the first floor are accessible without having to walk up any stairs. There is one apartment located in the Family House (see below) suitable for the handicapped. Please notify the Head of Program responsible for your Fellowship well in advance if you have special needs.

The majority of apartments are located in the main building:



In addition, there are several apartments in the "Family House" across a small park from the main building.

Apartment sizes range from 50 to 80 square meters (appr. 500 to 800 square feet), suitable for single persons, couples, or families.

Each apartment is fully furnished and has a a combined kitchen and living room, an office/ work space, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Family apartments have a second bedroom for a child.  

For families with children, the HWK provides a limited number of cribs, baby bath tubs, baby's high chairs, and diaper bins. Please let us know before arrival if you need any of these additional items!



Single apartments have one bedroom with a single bed (1m by 2m - appr. 3.3 by 6.6ft). Double apartments have one bedroom with a double bed (1.80m by 2m - appr. 6 by 6.6ft). Family apartments have a master bedroom with a double bed and one or several children's bedroom(s) - see below.

There is a night stand with a radio alarm clock. You will also find a wardrobe/ closet with shelves and a clothes rail with a limited number of coat-hangers. Bed linen, blankets, pillows, and additional woolen blankets are at your disposal. All pillows and blankets are cleaned before a new Fellow moves into an apartment.

Second bedroom (in family apartments only!)

The children's bedroom is equipped with a single bed (0.90m by 2m - appr. 3 by 6.6ft), a wardrobe, a desk with a chair, and a small shelf.



The bathroom has a shower, washbasin, toilet, and bathroom cabinet. A hair dryer, tumblers, towels, and a bath mat are provided. Please take care of all consumable supplies, like hygienic articles.

The larger family apartments in the family house also have a bath tub.

We kindly ask you to keep the light and fan on in the bathroom after taking a shower  for at least 10 minutes to reduce humidity in the bathroom and to avoid the development of mould!


Living room

The living room is furnished with a couch, an arm chair, and a coffee table. There is a TV set equipped with Google Chrome (satellite TV in the larger family apartments), and a stereo system with a CD-player and a radio (click here for information on radio programs). In the shared equipment cabinet, you can also find a DVD player for shared use between the Fellows.



The kitchen is integrated into the living room and contains all appliances needed: stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, sink, refrigerator with freezer, coffeemaker, toaster, electric kettle. It is also fully equipped with plates, glasses, cups, pots, pans, and cutlery. Please click here for tips on using kitchen applicances and for user guides.

In single and double apartments, a part of the kitchen counter serves as a dining table. In the larger family apartments, there is a separate dining table in the kitchen.

In case you need additional utensils for the kitchen, you could try the cabinet for shared equipment where you can find, for instance, a fondue set, raclette grill, or a rice cooker. 

If you arrive here late on a Saturday evening, we will provide a basic "survival package" for the first day when the shops are closed. Otherwise, we ask you to buy groceries as well as all consumable supplies like tinfoil, cling film etc.


Office/ Work space

The offices in the apartments are supplied with a computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. Internet access (LAN and wireless LAN) is provided. The HWK IT Services will provide support with connecting your computer or laptop to the internet and network printers. They will also check your equipment for potentially harmful software (viruses, trojans....). Network printers are provided on each floor in the corridors in front of the Fellow apartments and in the administration tract. In emergency, the HWK can provide a laptop with Windows operating system but in general, you should bring your own computer/ laptop and software or get equipment from your host lab. 
Please contact the  Head of Program responsible for your Fellowship at least 8 weeks before your arrival in case you have any special requests.

In addition to the computer equipment, the office is equipped with a desk and several shelves. The telephone has an integrated answering machine. Business calls are free (within a certain limit), private phone calls will be billed separately to your account (click here for details).

If you are tired of just sitting in your apartment all day or need additional resources, click here for information on working on HWK campus.


Cleaning services, smoking, pets

The apartments are cleaned once a week by our professional cleaning staff. A new set of bed linen is provided every week. Please return used bed linen to the container provided in front of the laundry room in the basement.  

Cleaning plan for HWK apartments:

Mondays             0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.6, 0.7, 2.1

Tuesdays             1.2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4

Wednesdays      1.1, 1.3, 1.4,1.5, 1.6, 1.7

Thursdays           2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7

Please make sure that the cleaning staff can enter your apartment in the morning between 8:00 am and 9:30 a.m. of the respective day scheduled for cleaning (see list above) , otherwise your apartment will not be cleaned. If you do not want cleaning staff to enter your apartment, please put the "Do not disturb" sign outside on the door.


Three sets of towels are provided in your apartment during your stay. Please note that towels are not changed by the cleaning staff. You can use the washing machines and dryers in the laundry room in the basement to wash the towels along with your personal clothes.

In the corridor of each floor in each wing of the building, there is a cabinet containing a broom, dust pan, mop, bucket, and cleaning utensils for shared use so that you can clean your apartment yourself if desired, in addition to the cleaning services provided.

Smoking is not allowed in the apartments and inside the entire building. Also, pets are not allowed.



In general, the HWK offers accommodation only to Fellows and their immediate family members. Family members are accommodated provided that there is apartment capacity available and that the family members live on campus with the Fellow for the entire duration of the Fellowship. This applies only to partners in marriage or longstanding partnerships as well as to the Fellow's children below the age of 18. Please see the respective section of your Fellowship Agreement for more information.

If your family members want to visit for a shorter period, please contact the Reception well in advance. They can provide a guest bed (comfortable air bed) for your visitor during the period of their stay. Please note that there are restrictions regarding the number of occupants in each apartment based on fire protection rules! Letting visitors stay in your apartment without permission is a violation of the Fellowship Agreement and may result in the termination of the Fellowship!  

Because of its special status as a non-profit foundation, we cannot offer housing or short-term opportunities to stay overnight to any other private visitors of the Fellow. However, we offer assistance in finding appropriate hotel accommodation for guests.


Updated 2021-05-11