HWK Alumni Club - an Association of Fellows and Guests of the HWK

The HWK Alumni Club as an international network

With the founding of the HWK Alumni Club in 2009, a broad private and professional network of former and current HWK Fellows has emerged for the first time, made up of outstanding scholars from throughout the world. This network is intended not only to promote exchange between its members, open up new career opportunities, and carry forward the ideas that emerged at the HWK. The Alumni Club is also intended to promote the HWK materially and non-materially, so that future generations of Fellows and research in the Northwest can continue to profit from the unique concept and the atmosphere of the HWK in the future.

Central themes

  • Incorporation into an international private and professional network of scholars from the areas of Brain, Earth, Energy, Society and Arts and Literature.
  • Communication of current information on workshops, symposia, conferences, innovative research projects, exciting research results and current scientific developments.
  • Exclusive contacts to prominent scientists.
  • Customized information about and faster exchange with other members of the network.
  • Career services: classes, jobs, support.
  • Non-material and material support of the academic goals of the HWK.


Would you like to support the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg? The HWK Alumni Club offers various opportunities to promote science and research and in particular, to support the international academic exchange between highly qualified experts and young scientists.

  • Donations will be mentioned on the HWK Alumni website, if desired.
  • Sponsors will be listed as partners with their logos on the HWK Alumni Club website and in the HWK Alumni Club newsletter, if desired.
  • Presentation opportunities are available to sponsors at the annual Alumni Day (for example the organisation of an item on the program).

Account information for donations to the HWK Alumni Club:
Deutsche Bank Delmenhorst, IBAN: DE60 2907 0024 0887 3077 00  BIC: DEUTDEDBBRE