Assoc. Prof. Dr. Traian Dumitrică 

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
Jan 2019 - Apr 2019
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018
Jul 2017 - Dec 2017

Traian Dumitrică

Projects & Publications

Cooperation partner
Prof. Dr. Thomas Frauenheim, Universität Bremen
Hu, C., Huang, J., Sumpter, B., Meletis, E., and Dumitrica, T. (2017). Ab Initio Predictions of Hexagonal Zr(B,C,N) Polymorphs for Coherent Interface Design. The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 46, 121, 26007-26018.
Dumitrica, T., Al-Ghalith, J., and Xu, H. (2017). Collapsed carbon nanotubes as building blocks for high-performance thermal materials. Physical Review Materials, 5, 1.
Xu, H., Drozdov, G., Hourahine, B., Gyu Par, J., Sewat, R., Frauenheim, Th., and Dumitrică, T. (2019). Collapsed carbon nanotubes: From nano to mesoscale via density functional theory-based tight-binding objective molecular modeling. Carbon, 143, 786-792.
Grigorii, D., Xu, H., Frauenheim, Th., and Dumitrică, T. (2019). Densely-packed bundles of collapsed carbon nanotubes: Atomistic and mesoscopic distinct element method modeling. Carbon, 152, 198-205.
Wang, Y., Xu, H., Drozdov, G., and Dumitrică, T. (2018). Mesoscopic Friction and Network Morphology Control the Mechanics and Processing of Carbon Nanotube Yarns. Carbon, 139, 94–104.
Al-Ghalith, J., and Dumitrică, T. (2018). Nano-scale Heat Transfer in Nanostructures. Springer.
Hu, X, and Dumitrică, T. (2019). Role of Inter-tube Corrugation in the Dynamic Sliding Friction of Concentric Carbon Nanotubes: Implications for Nanomechanical Oscillator Devices. Extreme Mechanic Letters, 30, 100508.